Every year Audioblivious Productions presents a spooky offering for 11th Hour Productions.  Find out more about 11th Hour HERE.

A Dread Light Shines In The Serpent’s Sky

Oct 31, 2016

We were given the honor of getting involved with the 11th hour project. This is one of two offerings we helped put together. a pirate crew, down on its luck find a merchant ship and believe their luck to be changing for the better. Their bad luck is only getting worse.

Kill The Boy

Oct 31, 2016

This is our 2nd offering for the 11th hour project! written by Scott Phillips, produced by Dayn Leonardson of Koach Studios. Starring Sarah Golding, Jeremy Hennessy, and Dayn Leonardson


Oct. 31, 2017

Six android beings must cope with what it means to be human, and the terror that goes along with it. Light years from earth, who will save them when everything goes horribly wrong. Artwork by Bob Garvin

Starring: Sarah Golding, Owen McCuen, Danielle Ries, Drew Profit, Scott Phillips, Mike Janson, Kristin Martin, Austin Beach, and Pete Lutz. Written and directed by Jeremy Hennessy and Scott Phillips. dialogue editing by Austin Beach, sound design by Matthew Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios, Musical score by Dayn Leonardson