Natural Selection

Nov 19, 2015

Natural Selection is a survival story. A man and his son, along with a couple of neighbors find themselves in a situation they never imagined would happen. Will they make it? Do they have what it takes to survive?

Starring Scott Phillips, Austin Beach, Mike Janson, and Drew Profit. Guest starring Kevin Hartnell as the radio DJ. Musical score by Kevin Hartnell of Overlook Hotel Records. You can check out his work not only on Campfire Radio Theater, but also at

My Reaper My Savior

Dec 24, 2015

A man finds himself in what he believes are the last moments of his life, caused by a peculiar set of circumstances. My Reaper My Savior is a full cast narrative short story. An Audioblivious Production.

Radio Drama Revival Interview with Austin Beach

Feb 5, 2017

We had the honor of being featured on Radio Drama Revival! This is the interview that aired after our featured episode!

Return To The Sabbath – a live performance

Oct 30, 2017

From Pulpfest 2017 – Pittsburgh, PA: Austin had the privilege of performing live with Pete Lutz, Ed Champion, Cora Devoir, and Derek Lutz an audio adaptation of Return To The Sabbath by Robert Bloch (author of PSYCHO)